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Books - Handbooks

  • Diamantakos, E. (2020). Selection & Training of Dogs for Animal Assisted Interventions. In Animal-Assisted Interventions for Health & Human Service Professionals. Driscoll, C.J. (Ed). Nova Science Publishers, NY: New York
  • Animal - Assisted Interventions: SCAS code of practice for the UK. (2019). Society for Companion Animal Studies, UK. (writing team member).
  • Minimum Standards for the Conduct of Animal – Assisted Interventions (2019). University of Queensland, Animal – Assisted Interventions Alliance, Queensland, Australia. (writing team member)
  • Warrant Officer Diamantakos, E. (ed), Staff Sergeant Kyritsis, C., Staff Sergeant Papageorgiou, S., (2016). Handbook of the Military Working Dog Instructor. Athens: Hellenic Air Force Publications (in Greek).
  • Diamantakos, E. (2015) Κυνός…Νους [Kynos…Nous] (free translation: Dog’s mind), Athens: psyhalos pbl (in Greek).
  • Master Sergeant Diamantakos, E. (2005). Handbook of Military Dogs Behaviour. Athens: Hellenic Air Force Publications (in Greek).

Standing Order


  • Chaniotakis, I., Diamantakos, E., Tetradi, E., Papageorgiou, E., Haralampopoulos, H. (2019). Implementation of an Animal Assisted Intervention Program into a General Hospital’s Psychiatric Clinic for First Time in Greece. Archives A.P.P.A.C., vol 25 (4), pp. 14-17.
  • Chaniotakis, I., Diamantakos, E., Mantziaras, G., Manousoudakis, A., Kostomitsopoulos, N. (2018). Improving Military Dogs’ Welfare: Is there a Place for Handlers’ Beliefs and Perceptions? Society & Animals, Vol. 26 (4), pp. 1-14.
  • Lieutenant Haniotakis, Y. Chief Master Sergeant Diamantakos, E. (2013) Listing the possible factors that influence the Welfare of the Military Working Dogs serving in the Hellenic Air Force. Hellenic Air Force Supply Command (in Greek).


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Each and everyone part of my work, study and research has a very special meaning for me and hides within unique moments of passion, effort and team work.