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Dog Assisted Interventions


Child-psychiatric Department, General Child Hospital of Penteli, Greece

2018 - Date

Anagenisi, Parents and Friends’ Society for People with Autism, Greece

2019 - 2020

Christodoulio Institution of Children Protection, Greece

2018 - 2019

Kynos Nous Dog Assisted Interventions, Athens, Greece

(www.kynosnous.gr) 2019 - Date

University of Queensland, Animal Assisted Interventions Alliance, Australia

(https://shrs.uq.edu.au/animal-assisted-interventions-alliance) 2017 - Date

Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens, Greece

(http://www.bioacademy.gr/?lang=en) Date

251 Air Force General Hospital, GREECE

(www.haf.gr/en/structure/units/gna/ ) September 2016 - Date

Campion British School of Athens, GREECE

(www.campion.edu.gr/ ) October – December 2015

Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, GREECE – Case Study

May - June 2015

Lycee Franco-Hellenique Eugene Delacroix (Ecole Maternelle), GREECE

(www.lfh.edu.gr ) April – June 2012

Kastalia Psychiatric – Neurological Hospital, GREECE

(www.kastaliaclinic.gr/ ) June – August 2011

Hatzikyriakio Institution of Children’s Protection, GREECE

(http://www.xatzikiriakio.gr/ )  April – June 2008 



All AAA/T programmes have given me, and still do, really unique moments. Among them, I still remember how I felt when I reentered the kindergarten class after 36 years of absence! No other adult who is not a teacher can experience this atmosphere, interact with kids and attend their lessons!